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The Logical Trader:
Applying A Method To The Madness

Simple Logic: 
NO trader can be consistently profitable by relying on gut instinct or a "knack" to predict the next market move. (click here for more)


Logical Trader Symposium

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Founded in 1987, MBF Clearing Corp. is widely-recognized for our preeminent role within the global futures markets. In 2012 MBF Clearing Corp changed from Clearing Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) to an Introducing Broker (IB) with a clearing relationship with FC Stone. (click here for more)

The Logical Trader:
ACD Daily research is provided on a subscription-basis to qualified individuals that have read The Logical Trader: Applying A Method To The Madness©. *

Complimentary subscriptions are available to customers of MBF Clearing Corp.

To get started please go to www.thelogicaltraderonline.net (The Logical Trader )

February 2018, Mark B. Fisher on CNBC's "Fast Money Halftime report": (click here to see video)

December 2017, Mark B. Fisher on CNBC: Bitcoin is very similar to the silver run in 1970s" (click here to see video)

July 2017, Mark B. Fisher on CNBC's Big moves in the blitz (click here to see video)

October 2016, Mark B. Fisher on CNBC: "Every Oil dip has to be bought" (click here to see video)

April 2013, Mark B. Fisher on CNBC on the Commodity Crush: (click here to see video)

June 2012, “Oil Sitting On the Cusp of Big Move": Mark Fisher on CNBC.com (click here to see video)

November 2011, Fisher, Gartman: “New Way to bet on Volatility ” (click here to read)

Feb 2011, Futures Magazine: "Mark Fisher: A Trader Returns To His Roots" (click here to read the article)

Nov 2010, “Fed's $600 Billion Effort is the 'Ultimate Bubble': Mark Fisher” on CNBC.com (click here to see video)


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