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Mark B. Fisher is Founder/CEO of MBF Clearing Corp. In addition to his leadership role of the firm’s large team, Mark is an influential member of the futures industry at large, a globally-respected professional trader, a guest speaker at industry conferences, and the best-selling author of “The Logical Trader: Applying A Method to The Madness”, the dissertation to the ACD Method®. 

An avid student of financial market dynamics since his early youth (his first job at age 12 was a ‘runner’ on the floor of the COMEX), Mark attended The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business (summa cum laude 1982), where he also earned his MBA in Finance/Accounting. While completing his degrees in an accelerated program, Mark ‘moonlighted’ as an independent member of New York’s COMEX; at the age of twenty-one, he was the youngest ever to trade in the silver futures pit, one of 1980’s most volatile marketplaces. 

The ground-breaking research studies that Mark initiated while attending Wharton, combined with his extensive experience trading the world’s most vibrant markets led to Mark’s developing the ACD Method®; a unique and highly disciplined approach to trading virtually any market. The ACD Method® is the essential tool used by traders around the world, including the 75+ elite members of The Fisher Proprietary Trading Group, a private trading house engaged in a wide menu of products and marketplaces throughout the globe. 

Mark’s continuous focus on quantitative trading applications has more recently led to his developing a revolutionary commodities index product whose underlying design addresses industry-wide concerns associated with “the roll effect”. The patent-pending ‘formula’ is the foundation for a basket of commodities indices, and provides a solution to the historic challenges and inherent costs that market participants incur in the course of rolling-over hedged positions in monthly and quarterly futures contracts. The index structure that Mark has developed introduces wide-ranging benefits for institutional and professional futures market participants, including the ability to secure pure alpha returns.

Mark is equally-renowned on and off Wall Street for his philanthropy, and he’s dedicated to continuously setting new standards of giving by contributing significant time and financial resources to a number of important charities and civic organizations. Through annual teaching seminars, and through personal contributions to a variety of philanthropic organizations, Mark is responsible for having donated millions of dollars to needy enterprises throughout the globe.

An active community leader, Mark plays a guiding role for the Long Island Lightning Basketball Organization, an AAU-member and non-profit dedicated to the development of youth-oriented sports. The Lightning agenda encompasses a wide range of programs supporting hundreds of boys and girls as they seek to improve their athletic skills through organized training, coaching, mentoring, and participating in nationally-accredited tournament activities throughout the United States. Recently, Mark has brought the Lightning Basketball organization to South Florida, where it is the fastest growing youth sports organization in Florida. More that 600 young men and women who have participated in the Lightning program have received college scholarships that in total have exceeded $100M in value.

Consistent with Mark’s commitment to “giving back”, MBF Clearing Corp. administers one of the largest internship programs on Wall Street. Every year, from early July to mid-August, a select group of young men and women, including apprentice traders, accomplished students, scholar-athletes, as well as disadvantaged youth from throughout the New York metropolitan area attend the MBF Internship program. Throughout this distinctive learning program, Mark personally conducts daily teaching sessions, after which, interns work with key members of the MBF team. 

Mark’s mentorship and inspiring goal achievement resonates throughout the MBF internship program, from which many “graduates” have since achieved great success in their life pursuits, including significant careers on Wall Street.

Read The Intro to “The Logical Trader: Applying A Method to The Madness”. 


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