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Founded by professional traders to support professional traders, MBF is widely-recognized for its presence at the NYMEX. 

Our customers include a wide-spectrum of exchange members trading in open-outcry pits and “upstairs” via electronic platforms, as well as sophisticated hedge fund managers, and select, highly-qualified retail accounts. 

Most of our customers have been with us for 10 years or more; and all of our customers choose to maintain their accounts with us for (3) primary reasons:

Unparalleled, 24/7 Customer Service
Your time and your capital are your most valuable assets; our most valuable asset is maintaining the confidence and trust of each and every customer. 

The entire MBF staff, from trade support, to back-office / accounting, to our executive management team, is dedicated to a firm-wide policy of resolving any customer questions or concerns in the first phone call, and your assurance of having immediate access to any of the MBF executive officers. 

Trading Market Knowledge/Insight
MBF senior management team’s background includes many decades of combined experience trading virtually every market in the world, we provide:
  • Unique understanding of trading market dynamics and risk management disciplines
  • Extensive futures exchange product knowledge
  • Deep insight to trading system technologies
  • Aggressively competitive commission and clearing rate schedules
  • Secure access to ACD Daily, an independent research platform with a proprietary set of consistently proven trading tools and methods that filter out low-risk, high-probability trading opportunities; it’s the same methodology used by hundreds of leading independent traders, including the 75+ members of The Fisher Proprietary Trading Group.

Reliable Information Technology, Trading & Risk Management Systems
MBF utilizes sophisticated and robust fault-tolerant technology systems available, ensuring a high level of stability, security, confidentiality, and accuracy.

  • Seamlessly manage unlimited trading volumes per day.
  • Advanced risk-control modules to further ensure that customers manage their activity in the most effective manner.
  • Collaborative and flexible approach to pre-setting account parameters.
  • Strict compliance standards are continuously maintained, monitored and enforced to ensure the integrity and safety of all customer accounts.

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There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Trading in futures may not be suitable for everyone.